Re: cysts???

From: Dena (
Wed May 24 15:40:02 2000

I am a fellow adhesion sufferer. The more I learn through this forum and through the kindness of others (i.e. Bev, Karla, and Helen) I have begun to suspect that my friend Beth may have the same thing----she had a hysterectomy due to endometriosis--she continues to have pain, not only in each side of her lower quadrants, but also, in her lower back. She has problems with her bm's and also vomiting. She has never seen her operative reports and I have asked her to secure these so that we may review them. But she does have quite a problem with cysts---currently she has one on her foot, on her finger, and on the side of her head where a bb that she shot into the end of her left middle finger has now relocated itself on the right side of her head by her ear. She did this many, many years ago---the bb could be either copper or lead. Does anyone know if this could be the problem or why she has so many cysts coming out? I do believe she is also suffering from adhesions----but, why all the cysts? Any ideas? Also, periodically, her bladder falls "out" and she has to push it back in. Any one else go through this? I would appreciate any help any one can give----I would like to be able to help my friend!!! Thanks so much!!! We are ALL in this TOGETHER!!!! Hope all are well!!

God Bless us ALL!!!
Dena Lomax

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