Update:Waiting for a diagnosis

From: Vivien siviter (anonymous@obgyn.net)
Mon May 22 14:21:10 2000

Thought I would update you on my latest hospital visit. I have had another suggestion from the surgeon. A nerve had been sewn into my hysterecty scar!!!!!! (It was over 4 months after the operation that I started getting the problems)Thats another new one on me. The consultant will not now discuss the possibility of adhesions although my GP and Occupational Health doctor thought that adhesions was the prime candidate. The consultant will not do a laparoscopy to have a look and he wants me to go to a pain consultant for freezing of the nerve and there is a 4 1/2 month waiting list.

I have asked to see him again as there are more questions that I want to ask and he hasn't convinced me that this is the total answer I see him again on the 2nd June (just another few weeks). At this speed I will have lost my job before they finally decide what is wrong. I have lost any faith I had in the NHS and am sick to death of them messing me about. I am seriously considering a formal complaint now.

Thanks to those of you who responded to my message

Viv Siviter


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