Re: Colonoscopy results/funny feeling in gut/prednisone

From: Dena Lomax (
Thu May 18 19:17:17 2000

Jim- Did the Prednisone make you weird like it did me? I did not sleep for 10 days!!!!! other side effects included: ringing in the ears (LOUD), continual thought processes, involuntary body twitches, and a rapid heartbeat. I will NEVER again take any medicine similar to that!! Also, every test I have ever gone through has ALWAYS come back that everything is okay! Funny, it doesn't feel okay!?!? I have vomiting and pain on a continual basis. I am anxious to go to the Adhesion Clinic and get back to my life.....this is not living! Stay strong and God be with us all!! Dena

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>Subject: Re: Colonoscopy results/funny feeling in gut/prednisone
>Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 17:02:10 -0500
>Since I was the guy who started this thread I thought I would give some
>answers to the questions I posed. I saw my doctor last week. She does
>not believe my symptoms (stomach cramps, vomiting) are caused by a
>hernia. These symptoms are common, however, for mechanical small bowel
>obstruction from any cause. If a hernia is obstructing the bowel it
>could cause the same symptoms.
>She also noted that there are a couple of other conditions that could
>cause this but adhesions is by far the most statistically likely.
>I have concluded that the funny feeling in my gut mentioned in the
>Subject is the result of food working its way through. This is a
>"tugging" or "pulling" sensation. It is distinct from the cramps. It
>is not painful.
>Unfortunately I have had very mild cramps the past couple days. I am
>scheduled for laproscopic adhesiolysis on June 8. I hope I make it that
>For those who are interested both my colonoscopy and an ultra sound
>showed no problems. I am also off the prednisone.
>Jim from Milwaukee

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