Re: Adhesiolysis didn't work?

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Wed May 17 05:25:42 2000

At Tue, 16 May 2000, Bernie and Beverly Doucette wrote: >
>What makes you think your adhesiolysis didn't work ? Have you discussed
>this with your surgeon at all?
>In friendship

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>> In May 1998 I had total abdominal Hyst.On 4/27 I had gallbladder removed
>> and adhesiolysis with laproscope by what I thought were the best
>> surgeons in this area for theses procedures. I haven't had any
>> gallbladder attacks since then but I don't think the adhesiolysis
>> worked.Of course I was only given 50/50 chance.I never had Endo so
>> adhesions were just from Hyst, last May and intestines were stuck to
>> abd. wall.It has only been 2 1/2 weeks.Maybe I should give it a little
>> longer?Thanks Susan

The reason I think adhesiolysis didn't work it feels like food is getting stuck on the way down.Kinda like it felt before when intestine was stuck,only this time it is more uncomfortable and instead of a little bloating and pain it is lot more bloating and pain.On the same side and a little lower than before.I guess I just live with it.I will be making an appt soon for a post op visit but I thought it would be immediate results,if it worked.I guess it may be from where removal of gallbladder is healing.But thanks for replying anyway.Susan

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