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From: Chuck Butman (
Tue May 16 23:01:18 2000

Hi Karla, I cannot seem to find the e-mail with your questions. If I remember, you asked about blood clotting and ringers. I don't know the answer but I suggest that you e-mail him directly. He is at He is great at answering letters. He is by Dusseldorf in the north. Hope you get to go. Joanne

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> Joanne,
> I really am hoping that you could answer some of the questions that I
> asked you regarding Dr. Korell's procedure. I would love to look into
> the possibilities this presents since I would love to go back to
> Germany with my daughter (she was born there) but I need to have
> answers to my questions first. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
> Karla

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