This has helped me

From: Adrian (
Tue May 16 16:03:34 2000

Last June, I had an appendix burst on me, immediantly the surgery I was told by my surgeon that he felt he might have to go back in as he felt I was such mess that I may form some adhesions. As it turned out he was quite correct and after 5 days of waiting we had the second surgery to "bring em down" well, the next few months were tough just trying to heal from the surgery.One thing I noticed was that I always felt like something wasnt right down there, always tender and just kind of painfull. Then my boss at work suggested that i try drinking Aloe vera once a week, just a small glass. Well, all i can say is that it has helped fanatstically, improved feeling in my abdomen to about 95% of waht it use to be. ill take that anyday. Anyway, its nearly a year now and im feeling better and better every day.

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