Richard Hagan

From: Chuck Butman (
Mon May 15 16:56:20 2000

I am so glad that you responded. I really feel that Dr. Korell is your man. He is at He told me that I may tell the world about him and I feel as though I must. There is life and there is Intergel. It makes NO sense to go into surgery without it. And what a wonderful man he is! He is my angel. I was told by all the surgeons that there was no cure for my Neuroma. I lived on 10 Neurontin ( anti seizure med)and 10 Methadone a day for the horrible nerve and adhesion pain. He diagnosed it ovr the internet and saved my life. I am down to 3 Methadone a day. I can only go down 5% a week. I now have a life while I was told by the best ( I even went to Dr. Rapkin at UCLA ) that there was no help for either one of my problems. Please E-Mail him right away. The surgry itself is only about 2,000 dollars and the rom is 350 a day. I can give you other details if you decide to go. (the food is pretty bad!) but the nurses are great. Take care and best of luck. Joanne

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