10 weeks post op and no more adhesions!

From: Chuck Butman (Chuckbcpa@email.msn.com)
Sun May 14 19:46:25 2000

I hope that you all have read my new quilt but I took the big gamble in Germany in March and flew to the BEST surgoen imaginable. Through a scope he removed "massive abdominal adhesions. I felt cured right away and each day I feel thinner and better. I also had a neuroma stuck at the top of my vaginal wall where my hyst. was pulled through and I am getting better everyday with that too. That was painful!! The Intergel works. There is no reason for worry about infection. Dr. Korell has been using it for 5 years with success. Dr. Wiseman knows Dr. Korell. The surgery is so inexpensive also and the hospital keeps you for 5- 7 days after a scope at a cost of 350.00 per day. Please contact me for more info. Thanks, Joanne. ps. Hello ,Richard. I see your wife has cancelled her surgery. Maybe you will take her to Germany for a full cure.

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