Re: Colonoscopy?

From: Gloria (
Thu May 11 20:48:34 2000

Dear Joyce: Hi. Welcome to the one place you can find answers. Your story sounds a lot like mine. I've had all kinds of tests, and yes, I've been to the psychiatrist, too. It was interesting, but a waste of time. I've had two attempted scopes, but the adhesions were so tight, they couldn't get the instrument to pass through. The barium enema was horrible. I'd just like to say at this point that I no longer fear dying. I've seen Satan and he wears a radiologist's uniform. Ugh!! My doctor was never sure I had adhesions until he opened me up and boy did I have them. My colon had grown to my abdominal wall and my intestines are all grown together. I still have the majority of my adhesions because the surgeon didn't feel comfortable going after the more complicated stuff. Hang in there, Joyce. We can find help, it just takes time. And i notice you're with bellsouth, so you must be fairly close to me. Feel free to e-mail me at: We'll talk adhesions, okay? Hang in there. Everything is going to be okay. Gloria.

At Wed, 10 May 2000, Joyce wrote: >
>Hi! I just found this forum and how nice to know I'm not the only one
>dealing with problems from adhesions... Thanks to all here for sharing!
>It helps to know I'm not alone! I actually feel fortunate now after
>reading some of the postings here. Wow! I've only had 2 surgeries. The
>first was to look for endo on my bowels due to symptoms of pain on left
>side and general bowel problems. No endo was found but adhesions was
>found on left side. (Not sure what they were from... no previous
>surgeries) They were excised and I felt better for about a year. Then
>pain returned and gets worse with time and now the bowel problems have
>returned. Had another Lap with a doctor that I believe was out to prove
>nothing was actually causing my pain, and he did not prep me for bowel
>sugery so I believe he did not even look that far. He said he found
>nothing but avoided speaking to my Mom after surgery. Left her sitting
>in a room for 30 minutes waiting on him to give her a follow-up report
>on my surgery. I think this shows his unprofessionalism... then when
>the nurse tracked him down, he said he found no endo. That was all he
>ever said. Anyway, of couse I got no relief after that surgery and am
>still dealing with pain and bowel problems on a daily basis. I believe
>the problem is adhesions again and this time farther up my large
>intestine. My worst pain is my back on the left side just under my rib
>cage and pain when I urinate on left side of groin area. Have had tests
>for kidney stones and other Urological problems. Nothing! Went to GI
>doc, got the infamous IBS diagnosis. No tests whatsoever, but did
>inquire about my mental health. (Already been there with Psychiatrist &
>Psychologist.) Now my PCP is trying really hard to find out what is
>causing my pain (Bless Him!) I've had 2 Cat Scans. First one showed
>possible scar tissue in the same area as my back pain. Second one they
>said showed nothing. Now my PCP has made me an appointment for a
>Colonoscopy on June 1st. For anyone that has stuck with my long posting
>(sorry), can a colonoscopy be used to diagnose adhesions? Or is this
>just going to turn out to be another "We found nothing, have you been to
>your Psychiatrist lately?" test. If so, I'd almost rather not have it
>done. Also, I love to exercise, but sometimes I feel like I hurt or
>pull something and it makes the pain worse... does anyone know if this
>could make the adhesions worse? And again, thanks to all here! I feel
>like I've found a new friend that understands..... :) Bless you


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