PERITONITIS...causes, symptoms, treatment, complications

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed May 10 13:37:50 2000

There are 3 types of peritonitis, as you will learn in the first website (below). In my search for articles about peritonitis, my focus was on the "seconday type" of peritonitis.

1.) * Peritonitis - Overview...Click: each type (3 are listed) of peritonitis...Click: Symptoms...Treatment...Prevention

2.) * Peritonitis...Click words shown in blue for more information.

3.) * Peritonitis - Symptoms and Self-Assessment Test

4.) * Peritonitis: Signs and Symptoms - view slides 10 -13

5.) * Peritonitis: What causes peritonitis? What are the symptoms of peritonitis? How is peritonitis treated? Are there any complications of peritonitis?

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