Educate yourself about Adhesion-Related Disease ( ARD )

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue May 9 21:19:39 2000

" Knowledge about adhesion-related disease ( ARD ) gives peace of mind...and is worth its weight in gold. There is strength in knowing why adhesions or endometriosis are there...and what you can do about it! To have knowledge about one's disease is to not fear it!! "

If you suffer from adhesions-related disease ( ARD ), the best way to help yourself is to learn as much as you can about your disease:

There is alot of educational information stored in the International Adhesions Society Archives! Here is how you can access information, which is stored in the Archives:

1.) Enter: . Click the month ( from April 1999 to the present day ) you wish to view...Next, click either " subject " or " author." Each can help you in your search for information.

2.) Enter: . Scroll down to: Search the Adhesions Archives...Enter search keywords in the box...Scroll down and click: " Search Adhesions. "



1.) Enter: .to access the following:

a.) " A Patient's Guide to Adhesions and Related Pain or...YOU ARE NOT ALONE " by David Wiseman, Ph.D.

b.) Adhesion FAQs

c.) Products - Here you will find more information about adhesions as well as the current adhesion barriers, Interceed and Seprafilm. You will also be able to read about the new gel adhesion barriers, which are in clinical trials at this time.

d.) Case Histories - Sorry, there is no information here yet.

e.) Doctor Database - Sorry, there is no information here yet.

f.) Patient Database - Sorry, there is no information here yet.

g.) Photo Gallery - contains the websites to many excellent photos of adhesions and endometriosis. Be sure to spend a little time here.

h.) Chat Transcripts - Here you will be able to view a number of transcripts from Dr. Wiseman's usual monthly chats. There is much to learn here.

i.) Links to: Alternative Health Care, Chronic Pain and Pain Management, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Managed Health Care and Social Security Disability, and Surgical Procedures. Each one of these topics contains many informative articles!

j.) Adhesions Quilt - Many stories have been entered here. There is much to be learned from the experiences of others. If you haven't posted your own experience with adhesions, now is a good time to enter your story too!


Have you requested copies of your medical records and your pathological and surgical reports yet? Copies of your pathological and surgical reports can be obtained at Medical Records at the hospital where your surgery was done. If a video was taken of your surgery, you can request a copy of the video as well. I was able to obtain a copy of the video of my diagnostic laparoscopy at my Ob/Gyn's office. All of these comprise YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY. YOU HAVE A RIGHT to request copies of these.

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