"Giving up" is the easy way!

From: Deborah & Jean-Marc (dasje@telusplanet.net)
Tue May 2 09:42:39 2000

Hello Katrla B., My name is Deborah. Please Email me and let me know what has been going on dasje@telusplanet.net ). I don't have much time because I am having surgery tomorrow. Surgery # 19 (read my story on the quilt). Katrla, you and only you, truly know what you are feeling. Lots of people may have had or are now going through similar situations, but we are all different people. From reading your Email I think that deep down you are a very strong person, you have just somehow forgotten this fact. You have reached out.......and that takes a lot of courage!!!! Giving up is too EASY!!! We can't feel sorry for ourselves. We have to be strong. For everyone. Giving up means we have all failed! Take a minute and think about what is happening in the rest of the world. How can we preach Hope if we fail to truly believe it, ourselves. You may be having excruciating pain right now.............I don't know. I do know what that pain feels like. You have to be strong, maybe stronger then you have ever had to be. Visualize yourself healthy, strong, and smiling!! "This too, shall pass." Believe it. For all of us. For you. I look forward to hearing from you ( hopefully before tomorrow!!) I too, am reaching out, reaching out especially to you. I am terrified about my surgery tomorrow. I need to know that I'll be all right. I need to know that you will be all right!! I believe in you, my friend. Deborah

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