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From: Karla Nygren (
Mon May 1 22:29:39 2000


My personal belief is that they don't want to take the time to research into the doctor. You need to educate yourself about your condition and what questions you should be asking.....speak to Sherry Perry. I believe she knows just what you need to ask the surgeon. Then phone his office and ask....if they don't give you the answers that you should be don't want to waste your time with them. If it were me....I would be getting my list of questions ready and then bombard them....both of them....the doctor in Louisville as well as Dr. Daniell. Then make a more informed decision. The other thought is...did your first doctor do a lap that solved your problems??? If not...would you necessarily accept his referral as being what is right for you?? I guess what I am saying what feels right to you...after you ask all your questions. Don't let any doctor dictate to you what you need to do....something that I did for way too long.

Take care and good luck.

Karla N.

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> Hello all: I spoke with the doctor who did my first lap and he is
> recommending another surgeon in the Louisville area. I'm not sure about
> this -- I really wanted him to check out Dr. Daniell in Nashville, but
> he insists that isn't necessary. I'm not as physically ill as i was two
> weeks ago, but my bowel problems are still plaguing me. What would you
> guys do? Thanks, Gloria
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> Gloria

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