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From: Lori C. (
Fri Apr 28 16:18:22 2000

Hi I have been reading the messages for awhile now and I have to say they have helped so much to know I am not alone. Until I found this site I was alone, the doctors were of no help. Anyway, I am new and just wanted to tell my story so to speak, for feedback etc. I am a 46 year old pretty much bedridden since my hysterectomy in 1993. Let me try to give some other info, previous surgeries include C-Section in 1985, a tubal after that, a removal of one ovary after that, a myomectomy one year before the hysterectomy. So I have had several surgeries and every time he went in there was scar tissue to deal with. Up until my hysterectomy I was very active, worked full time, and raising my son. After the hysterectomy, I have been bed bound for the last 7 years. I cannot get disability or ssi because they believe adhesions don't cause pain. Let me tell you quickly what happened that day of the hysterectomy and after, (I will try to keep it short) During the hysterectomy my bladder was cut in half by the laser, then the doctor had to sew it up and finish the surgery. Right after the surgery I was having horrible bladder pain, and just horrible pain all over my abdomin. I complained about this pain and he sent me to a GI doctor which did a bunch of tests, nothing wrong except irritable bowel he said. For months I cried and cried and complained and to make a long story short the doctor when he sewed up the bladder left a surgical needle in me !!!!!!!!! Thats right for nine months it was moving and stabbing me. Now I havent let anybody go in after the needle was removed to see how much scar tissue is in there from not only the hysterectomy but everywhere that needle poked me there would be scar tissue right???? The needle was taken out by the same doctor who left it in MY MISTAKE!!!! Because he covered up everything and that is why I dont know the condition of all the adhesions but I hurt and am most of the time in bed, bladder hurts, bowels hurt, moving hurts, you name it. I am going to a pain clinic and get a little help there and I really dont think surgery is a option since ahesions grow back. Most of my pain is on the right lower abdomen (feels like bowels stuck) and where he removed the needle up in the omentum by my heart. Yep all the way from the bladder to the heart. It was really difficult to write this because it has been such a nightmare and I am raising my son alone from my bed. This is no life and I can tell from your posts that allot of you have the same pains. Thank you so much for listening, any comments or feedback would be appreciated. I am appealing the ssi income decesion right now so if anyone know what the heck these people need to believe you are in pain that would be wonderful, any help at all. Everyone take care, Lori C Sorry it was so long!!

Lori C.
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