Re: Karen hypogastric plexus block

From: Jackie (
Fri Apr 28 12:57:12 2000

Hi Karen,

I had this procedure done to help with interstitial cystitis. Anyway, the procedure itself was not painful, but afterwards the cystitis came back worse and now my right leg has fallen asleep (I had the procedure performed Monday and today is Friday). My doctor and the nurses have told me very little about what to expect, is it normal to have feeling in your legs for four days after the procedure and then lose the feeling on the fourth day? This is really worrying me. My doctor wants me to get this procedure done again in a month, but nothing beneficial has come from the first one. Does it start to have an affect after the second shot or is this just waisting my time and causing uneeded anxiety? Any thoughts would be appreciated:) Thank you Jackie

At Sun, 26 Dec 1999, Kimmi wrote: >
>I have this procedure done twice. They were doing this procedure as
>test procedure if we got good results from this procedure they were
>going to recommend having the abdomen nerves cut. Nerve blocks can be
>great if they are blocking a certain area like an ovary nerve for
>example.For me they were trying to block many areas.Anyways the first
>nerve block failed completely,you could see when he injected the dyes
>that it would come to a complete stop because of the adhesions.I
>returned to the pain clinic a week or so later we I agreed to try
>another nerve block. I have to tell you this was an extremely painful
>The first was worse than the second,You are fully awake for this
>procedure where they took the scope through the back into the
>abdomen,they have to be extremely careful not to hit the other
>nerves,especially the main nerve which is the largest nerve that runs to
>your leg,having you wake if they poke the nerve they know they need to
>back off and adjust,he poked a few of the nerves and gave one good poke
>to my leg nerve which went up and crashed down on the table.I lost
>complete feeling in my leg for several days and regained feeling slowly
>over the next 10 days.Anyways I agreed to the procedure a second
>time,this time the block worked at 45 percent,We were happy with the
>result any relief is better than no relief,so we set up an appt with a
>specialist in Boston,I then went to see him and we discussed cutting the
>nerves in the abdomen.After our discussion and review of my chart he
>decided I was not a good canidate for this surgery.Even though I was
>willing to take the chances and risk that went along with this procedure
>he would not,the surgery would of only blocked pain in my mid area,pain
>on the right and left would not change,and I have pain in the entire
>abdomen not just mid line down. So depending on your area and problems
>the procedure may help you and I hope it will,if you have any questions
>about the procedure I would be happy to share more..Hugs

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