Re: Request colonoscopy experiences

From: RSH4799 (
Wed Apr 26 19:16:47 2000

My wife had it Jim and they couldn't go all the way. Too painful, I think your doc is taking you for a ride and experimenting or downright lying to you. You need to find a specialist that is familiar (REALLY FAMILIAR) with the problems associated with adhesions. Bev is right. Read her mail to you.

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> I am believed to have adhesions resulting in intermittent small bowel
> obstruction. My doctor plans to give me a colonoscopy on Friday in an
> effort to check for any problem areas and to try to jar the adhesions
> loose from the inside.
> He says he has had some success with this procedure and it avoids
> surgery. Has anyone else had any experiences with this procedure for
> adhesions?
> --
> Jim from Milwaukee

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