Anyone considering having a TRAM flap done...write to Maryann

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Apr 24 16:24:21 2000

[ Maryann has given me permission to share her letter here. ]

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From: "Mary Ann Murray" <> To: <> Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2000 10:35 PM Subject: Message Board

Hi Helen,

I just visited message board and realized I typed 'TRAP' instead of "TRAM' See: April 17, 2000 messages ). I must say I had a good laugh at myself.....only I stopped laughing when I thought about really was a TRAP!!! I was told it would be great to get a "tummy" tuck to boot. Well, anyone considering having it done, have them write me. I can tell them what the doctors won't! I am disabled, and I can attribute 75% of the disability to the TRAM flap. You may post this on the message board. thanks.....Maryann (

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