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THANK YOU so much for posting. I really appreciate the info.

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> I wanted to let everyone know that I won half of my battle, and that was
> finding a doctor to treat my pain for adhesions. Not more than 4 weeks
ago I > too sent my message of needing help, feeling alone, depressed, scared and
not > knowing how to help myself, to the Adhesion message board. In finding The
> International Adhesion Society, I found everything I needed. I found
> knowledge, courage and the strength through all the wonderful people here
to > do battle for myself and I won. In finding the site ASAP American Society
> for Action of Pain <A
> HREF="">Click here:
> skiphome.htm</A> and sending my plea for a doctor I was contacted by a
> representative for Maryland and given a name of a doctor in Virginia who
is a > pain management specialist. I saw him Tuesday, 4/18, and he was
wonderful. > He new and understood about adhesions. I did not have to prove myself,
beg > or plead. He put me on a pain management program, and I am now able to be
> more active and enjoy my life more until I can have my surgery. Below are
> e-mails from the state placement rep for Maryland to myself and also from
> Skip Baker, the President of ASAP.
> Dear Helen,
> I'm so sorry to hear of your pain. You are not alone and I hope I will be
> able to help you. I suffer from FMS (Fibromyalgia) which is a muscle
> syndrome if you don't already know about the condition. I believe that
> chronic pain is chronic pain and all chronic pain needs to be taken
seriously > and treated the same by DR's. Unfortunately there are too many DR's out
> there that don't agree.
> Anyway, I am going to give you the name of a WONDERFUL, caring Dr. He has
> been my Doc for over 2 yrs now and without him, I would either be in bed
> screaming in pain or not here at all. I truly owe him my life. He is
> located in Centerville, VA. I know that may sound like it is far from you
> but for the relief you will get, I'm sure you will find that it's not far
at > all. From Baltimore I think it would take you no more than an hr. He
will > need a referral from another doc before an appt will be made but if you
> absolutely cannot get a referral, Iet me know and I may be able to help
you. > I have a wonderful relationship with him and have sent him many many
patients. >
> Below you will find the information you need to know.
> Dulles Pain Management Center
> DR Joseph Statkus
> Dr. Stephen Whittman
> 13890 Braddock Rd
> Suite 106
> Centerville, VA 20121
> Tel # 703-449-8720
> Fax 703-449-8745
> Best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.
> Sincerely,
> Terri Clayton
> MD State Placement Rep
> This is from myself to Skip Baker at widowmaker: ASAP
> Dear Skip:
> I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I suffer from
adhesions > that have placed me in the category of chronic pain. I too sat here for
> days crying and trying to figure out what I was going to do because I
could > not find help from my OB/GYN with proper pain management. I was being
> allowed to take one tylox per day for chronic pelvic pain due to
adhesions, > and being scolded for that. I was also told this was my last prescription
> and I would have to go to a pain clinic. After finding your site and
being > contacted by Terri Clayton and getting in touch with Dr. Statkus in VA I
have > hope that I will not have to suffer in unmanageable pain.
> I just wanted to let you know that I posted your website in the
> International Adhesion Society website, for those people (and there are
many) > experiencing the helplessness that I felt in trying to find adequate pain
> management and dealing with doctors that tell us to take 4 advil and deal
> with it.
> Thank you, thank you once again for your campaign on finding caring
doctors > to treat chronic pain.
> Helen Chalmers
> Baltimore, Maryland >>
> From Skip Baker to Helen Chalmers:
> Thanks Helen. You can give them either of these URLs to get to my web
> page if you will:
> OR:
> may be the best one as long as the link is
> always in place. There will be Lord willing, a special program this
> summer on TV about this awful "Pain Crisis" caused by the DEA. Check the
> web page for the time and channel. I don't know how long it will take
> them to put it all together but they spent all day here filming
> Saturday. I'd like to use your statement about "One Pill a Day" next to
> my pointing that out on my page. So many doctors write for exactly that
> amount: "30 pills per month" and I used to get those too. What torture!
> To everyone out there that is suffering with pain and cannot find a decent
> doctor to help you please, go to the above website; there is help!!! If
I > can assist anyone in anyway, please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks to Bev
> and Helen again for assisting me and giving me the strength I needed in
this > journey, that unfortunately, we have all found ourselves in.

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