Re[2]: Any alternatives???

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Fri Apr 21 02:47:43 2000

Dear Karla, I have read some your recent messages and arrived at a conclusion that is something awfully wrong with your health. Maybe my words wouldn't sound correctly but I'm sure you have to think over your situation indeed. 27 operations are really too much for anybody! I suppose you should seek another methods. The knife is not the best way about it.

> I just want to mention that yes exercise is critical....particularly
> sit-ups. I was told over and over that my abdominal wall could be
> strengthened with situps, however due to other medical issues was unable to
> do them. From a chronic hernia sufferer you can get hernias from standing
> up, laughing, sneezing, sweeping, vacuuming, making the bed and scrubbing
> the floor. I have gotten hernias from each and every one of these methods
> and probably many more. I can actually feel it when I pop a hernia.

No, Karla, I'm sure you are wrong here. If man's abdominal wall is too rigid and the body is intoxicated by tons of drugs he could get a hernia from usual bowel movement. After every surgery your intoxication level is just being raised. Then again the lack of normal blood circulation in the abdomen. And the congestion again. And the muscles' rigidity on the side. But very rigid muscle is a weak muscle in fact since it can't endure the sharp and instant load. It's like a vicious circle... :(

> If you absolutely need surgery it is very critical that you get appropriate
> treatment. When I had my first hernia repair they had to place an entire
> wall of marlex and gortex because I had 15 hernias. Despite having this
> prosthetic wall I continued to have hernias. If this is happening to anyone
> they need to find a surgeon that is willing to be aggressive in your
> treatment.

15 hernia surgeries? I suppose it's quite enough to stop there and realize that problem is not in the surgery itself but in the recovering process.

> I am soon
> to be scheduled for my 27th laparotomy since 1991.....I have no choice since
> it is medically necessary for me to survive. I am in a situation where not
> only do I have extremely bad adhesions, but I also have absolutely no
> abdominal wall remaining and I am continuously herniating despite repeated
> repairs.

I dare say if I were you and haven't any whole obstruction or strangulated loop I would try to more natural methods. You maybe seem it is too easy to talk like that but when I had realized that the surgery isn't effective for me I chose other way..

You noted: > I do not care to see anyone end up in the same situation
> as I am in (go ahead and read my story on the quilt...Karla N).

I suspect you possibly think about your case as unique and very hard to cure. Considering my personal experience I can assure you that if a man wants to recover from a severe disease he has to change his mentality at first and forget about rareness of own case. It helps to avoid his concentration on the sick moments. It's not easy but necessary. So, Karla, try to forget about yours too..

Igor Gudymenko

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