H e r n i a..........personal experience and some good suggestions!

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Wed Apr 19 18:11:59 2000

Igor, Thank you for sharing the information which helped you correct the hernia which you developed as a result of surgery! It is personal experiences that most of us can relate to and learn new and better ways of solving our problems.

Igor has posted messages on the IAS Message Board in the past. For those of you who do not know Igor, he is from the Ukraine. I am most pleased that Igor is here again to share with us. Robyne and Lynette from Australia have posted messages here as well.

I may have overlooked other international friends; and, if so, please accept my apology. I hope that the courage of these friends will inspire other international friends to share from their experience, strength and hope.

Intergel was approved for surgical use in 1998 in both Canada and Europe! Is there someone from these countries, who has had surgery where Intergel was used at the end of their surgical procedure...someone who would share the outcome of their surgery with us...positive or negative?


At Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Igor Gudymenko wrote:

My late grandpa suffered from a inguinal hernia for more than 10 years. My grandma also had a umbilical hernia but was successfully operated. I told about my small hernia experience. To tell you the truth after my first operation I was afraid of getting hernia. After last operation I knew I had a 'benignant' post-operational hernia. Since I firmly decided not be operated more I had to look for reliable methods.

To be short from various sources I learnt the clue moments of hernia treatment were:

1. decreasing intra-abdominal pressure

2. relaxing abdominal muscles

3. 'detoxication' of the abdominal wall

4. upstanding and proper exercises for abdominal muscles

1. it's caused by gases, constipation, overeating,coughing, prolonged sitting and bending, very fast body movements, insufficient or not equable liquid consumption, various diseases of abdominal cavity. Adhesions is an additional factor here...I had to change my diet and water consumption regime.

2. it takes off cramps and spasms - massage, auto-massage, warm baths, compresses, hot-water bottles. Frequent but short breaks during any sitting or standing work.

3. detoxication of the abdominal cavity. It sounds a bit mystical but in fact it's directed for normal metabolism in abdominal muscles. Personally I used vapoured urine compresses for it.

4. physical exercises. It's most important topic. At first slo

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