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From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Apr 19 14:32:58 2000

Sue Ann, I am so glad that you periodically give us an update on the surgery which you had last summer as part of a clinical trial of Intergel. How wonderful to hear that you have not had any problems with the return of adhesions so far! In sharing your experience here on the Message Board, you give the rest of us HOPE!

Intergel was approved for use in surgical procedures in both Europe and Canada in 1998. And just the other day, Lynette from Australia said that Ethicon, Inc. will be sending vials of Intergel to Australia for use in her upcoming surgery.

Early in March Joanne from California took a flight to Germany to have her surgery done with the use of Intergel. I haven't heard yet how her recovery is progressing...and I hope and pray that she is doing well too. I hope that Joanne will see this message and give us an update when she has time and is feeling up to it.

As a result of the surgeries done in both Europe and Canada, I HOPE that some statistics will come out as a result of those surgeries...statistics which will show that Intergel can be used safely in surgical patients at the conclusion of surgery...and that Intergel will be the victor over adhesions!!!


At Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Sue Ann Murray wrote:

I had laproscopic removal of a few adhesions last summer as part of a clinical trial of intergel, which is not yet approved for use in the United States, although it has been approved elsewhere. A follow-up surgery showed only minor reoccuence and I have not had problems (at least with adhesions) since then.

Sue Ann

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