Re: Any alternatives???

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Tue Apr 18 02:40:59 2000

Dona asked: > I've had 10 major abdominal surgeries, the last 4 for small bowel
> obstructions directly relating to adhesions. I average a surgery about
> every 1.5 years, but this one lasted only 9 months, even though they
> used a barrier. The pain is becoming intolerable and I can only eat
> mush for food.
> Isn't there SOMETHING that can be done? I'm too young for this.. I
> really don't wanna go for surgery #11 without some sort of hope?

Actually we all are too young to be ill.. And it's not too late to recover in any age. I guess there is such possibility for any adhesion sufferer. May be my case is the example.

Igor Gudymenko

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