Re: Hernias.........Karla N.

From: Karla Nygren (
Mon Apr 17 19:12:07 2000


I don't know quite what you mean about sharing my experience here.....I think I have already....well maybe not. If people are interested I would be more than happy to. I just don't want them to be subjected to it again if I have already shared it. Just let me might take a little bit to get up the courage to go through it all again, but I will.

Thank you very much for your well wishes. I am sitting here anxiously waiting for the doctor's office to call with a know it's been a whole days since I was there!!!!! lol I had to resist picking up the phone and calling them all day today. My pain management is not working well the last few days and my blood pressure is way back up. I did call the doctor's office today but we kept missing each other...I will have to call them first thing in the morning. I am not going to let myself get that deep again.

God Bless you!

Karla N.

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> Dear Karla, This website does give a lot of hope to people with hernias,
> doesn't it? If I had a hernia, I don't think I would automatically
> decide to have that procedure done.
> After so many years of having lived with chronic pain (30+) and having
> been seem by so many medical practitioners (and emotionally abused by
> some of them), I would want to read as much information as I
> that I would be able to make an well-informed decision!
> Not only would I look for all the information I could find about
> hernias; but I would also want to search the various Forums / Message
> Boards on the Internet for information as to the results other people
> have had with each of those procedures.
> I know that you have been having problems with an abdominal hernia. Have
> you ever considered sharing your experience here? I understand that it
> won't be too long before your life-changing surgery will take place.
> Please know that, in behalf of everyone who posts messages here, we wish
> for you much success with your up-coming surgery!!!
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> At Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Karla Nygren wrote:
> I think I should have gone to this place for surgery early on......they
> have a lifetime warranty!!!!!!!
> Karla

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> Subject: Repair of inguinal hernias....
> * The Moran Hernia Technique -- for the repair of inguinal hernias

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