Re: Adhesion Pain

From: ama (
Sun Apr 16 16:19:22 2000

At Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Dana wrote: >
>Hello everyone.
>I've been reading a lot of the messages posted
>for quite some time and they have been a lot of
>help to me. I have had five abdominal surgeries,
>with four of the surgeries occurring within the
>last five months. Let me briefly explain.... On
>9/30/99 I had a beautiful baby girl by c-section.
>Two days later, I had to have an emergency lapa-
>rotomy due to the fact that my abdomen was severely
>distended (I looked like I was pregnant with quadruplets).
>They found my colon was obstructed and had to repair it.
>I slowly recovered and found myself in severe pain
>about 9 weeks later. At that time, they drained
>a pelvic hematoma and that brought relief for about
>7 more weeks. The pain then returned and they did
>another laporotomy and found adhesions and an ovarian
>cyst. They had tried doing a laparoscopy, but couldn't
>get the scope in due to the adhesions. About 3 weeks
>after this surgery, I was back in the hospital, in pain, with another
>laparotomy looming. We decided that the
>do a total hysterectomy and
>appendectomy while they were in there. They did those procedures, plus
>lysed adhesions and used Interceed. After the surgery, my surgeon told
>me that the adhesions weren't as severe as initially thought, but that I
>did have many.
>I am now 3 weeks post-surgery and starting to have more pain - I'm not
>sure if it's related to adhesions or not. My surgeon is one of the many
>that doesn't put a lot of credence into "adhesion pain." I doubt if
>he'll want to do anything further surgically with me, and I don't want
>that either.
>I guess my question for anyone is how do you deal with the emotional
>consequences of such a debilitating problem? I am currently on an
>anti-depressant and it is helping, but I still have thoughts of
>hopelessness and sometimes suicide. I want to be a worthwhile mother
>and wife and it is so hard when in constant pain. If anyone has any
>advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it.
>Thank you and take care all.

Dana, That is terrible what happened to you, especially just after having a baby! I am wondering if you are feeling any better now? I just had a lap. last week for lysis of adhesions on my bowel and I am having the same pain that I had prior to surg. I had a hysterectomy last year for endometriosis after being on lupron for three years, I was symptom free for awhile and felt very free not to be on Lupron anymore and being a constant "patient". I'm hoping this is a temporary post-surgical pain! Hope your doing well!



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