Re: ADHESIONS digest 390

From: Karla Nygren (
Sun Apr 16 14:27:57 2000


I had very poor luck with my surgeons from Milwaukee....if you haven't read my story on the quilt go ahead. All but 2 of my surgeries were by Dr. Schulte at Froedtert. I have only come across one doctor there that even acknowledges the problems that adhesions cause and that is Dr. William Berger, a GI specialist.

As far as AF......I don't know if I am braindead or what but I don't know what you are referring to. I had a hysterectomy before I began having any problems with adhesions. I did, however, have problems staying pregnant with 5 miscarriages and one child. I pray that you have good results with the ivf.

Karla N.

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