Re: Jaynie

From: Jaynie Jarvis (
Thu Apr 13 13:41:04 2000

At Thu, 13 Apr 2000, toni welsh wrote: >
>I will pray for you to get through the loss of your dad, I know how
>awful it is to lose a parent, it will be 4 years April 16th when I lost
>my mother, and we are watching my father in law die. He has not been
>doing good, every night we leave we do not expect to see him the next
>day, but only God knows when.
>I know the pain gets worse at these times too, last night I thought I
>would end up in ER, but I got through the night. I will keep you in my

Thank-you Toni ! My mother died 4 years ago on April 14th. They probably met on their way to heaven ! I too know how horrible the wait can be when you know there going to die. It took my mom a year. I cherish every minute I had with her that last year. Well I love to garden so ysterday I tried to do just alittle bit and this morning I can not get out of PAIN ! This week-end my husband told me to book the nicest room at the coast. I have been wanting to run away for the last few weeks with or with out him.Alot of tension between my sister and brother and me . All I do is cry.We have so much to split up . I told my brother that I was very sick and all he had to say is "we all are". He is usually a very sweet guy. He calls me sweetheart all the time and always kisses me good-bye and sometimes hello. It is all the tension and grieving. My room has a large hot tube with jacuzi and a view. Not much view on the west coast,in washington, though. It is usually clouded over Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, Jaynie

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