Re: Adhesions

From: samantha carey (
Wed Apr 12 18:03:01 2000

At Sat, 17 Jul 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>At Fri, 16 Jul 1999, Diane wrote:
>>I am new to this site and am amazed how many people suffer with
>>adhesions. I have had 2 c-sections and in 1997 finally went to the dr
>>about the pain in my abdomen and he did a laproscopy and found I was all
>>"glued together" and recommended a hysterectomy. Well, did that and
>>felt great for 6 months and hit rock bottom. He had left my ovaries and
>>the wrapped around my intestines and I had adhesions again. I kept
>>having the pulling tugging pain in the left part of abdomen. Decided to
>>change drs and went in and he thought adhesions right off. Decided to
>>have a lap and the adhesions where so bad it took 3 hrs to cut them
>>away. Well that was Nov 98 and I have been back with the pain in the
>>lower left part of my abdomen. He has told me it is more than likely
>>adhesions. I am going back Tuesday to see what he says. He has already
>>mentioned going back in and using an adhesion barrier. He said I was
>>the worse case he had ever seen. The pictures were awful. Just tired
>>of living in pain and would love to be able to enjoy doing everything I
>>used to do without suffering the consequences. Thanks for letting me
>>blow steam.
>Hi Diane,
>Welcome to the forum. I hope your appointment goes well on Tuesday and
>that the barrier will work for you. Take care. Ginny

hi diane know what ur going through luv if u need to chat like i definately need to please contact me on my names sam please contact

samantha j creed

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