Re: Upcoming Lap

From: colleen (
Sun Apr 9 20:56:32 2000

At Sun, 9 Apr 2000, Susan wrote: >
>I had TAH,BSO,appendectomy 5/26/99.Since then I have had pain.I had
>negative CT scan in Dec.I am scheduled for a Lap 4/27.I have never had a
>Lap.SOmetimes I think a nerve or vein or artery to my stomach or
>intestines might have got caught in an adhesion.WHat is the danger of
>Dr.running into this vessel or nerve when he inserts the instrument at
>the beginning of the Lap?I am a little nervous about this.WHat is the
>chance of a vessel to abd, area being caught in an adhesion?Is this
>common with adhesions?THanks SUsanS

Susan, What are your pain symptoms? I had a TAH/BSO on Mar. 2 99 and started having pain, mainly lower back pain that almost seems nerve related about 4 months after my surgery. I'm scheduled for a diag. lap and possible removal of adhesions on April 12. I had endometriosis mainly in the cul-de-sac area and behind my uterus. I also had adenomyosis and fibroids. I have had a previous lap. to diagnos my endo and had my gall bladder removed in 98 laproscopically. They thought that was causing my pain but it was the endo. I wish you luck with your lap. on 4/27. I have a strong pulse very close to my belly button and I know I have had a ultrasound done to make sure where that main artery is for doing the lap. It does make one a little nervous. Colleen

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