father in law doing okay today

From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Fri Apr 7 16:59:27 2000

Thank you all for caring so much about my father in law. I am about to be at my mother's four year anniversary date soon, she died April 16, 96, and it still seems like yesterday, now my husband is losing his dad. I am going to get through all this, and let my husband know I can do it, I am better than I was Wed, when it happens I know it will be bad. He is eating some today, but everytime he sees someone, even my dad, he pulled him over to his bed, and hugged him, and both our dads broke down abd cried, it is hard to see him cry, when you know, he knows, but he will not say alot about anythihg. I know my father in law knows what coming down, like my aunt said, hospice takes over there is nothing else to do but wait it out, and wait for God to decide when!

Love to all, toni

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