Thank you

From: toni welsh (
Thu Apr 6 18:21:39 2000

Thanks so much for your post, I have not got alot of time. I am home for a few hours to try to get caught up on wash and to try to eat something. The nerves are VERY short, and my insides are going at full speed.

When i got to the hospital today, they were getting ready to put my father in law in the hospice care room, there is a sofa and a very nice room for the family to stay. He was so tired when I got in the room I totally lost it, I cried and ran out of the room and my whole body was shaking. My mother in law and I are close, but not like my other sister in law, but she had 4 children that are blood related. Her friend was there, and she knows how much I care, but I have been through alot with my family with death, and illness. She said I will be fine, and I told her it hurts so bad to see someone die again. He did erk up for a little while, and finally talked to us. I guess I just got there at the wrong time. I know it is the end they told us, and I will , make it. I am thinking of all of you, and Ginni and Karla, my prayers are with you. I have alot of friends to pray for, and I have not forgot any of you!!!!

Love to all, Toni

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