Tue Apr 4 20:58:32 2000

I don't think my other message went through. Our trip to Chicago was very successful.....although Bev says the best thing about the trip was getting to go to Giardelli's or whatever its know the chocolate store. Dr. Zachary has agreed to do my surgery...I don't think there was ever an issue. He asked me how old I was and then said that it was bullshit that I had to live like this and that I needed to be able to live a life. There was so much that he said that just totally impressed me...I can't remember it all. He said that he was going to do a tummy tuck at the same time (says that is what he really specializes in) and Bev asked him if he could do her at the same time. He did aske me why I was not going back to Milwaukee and we told him about the doctor retiring and not really listening to what I had to say....but I feel that he really agreed when I said that I had already allowed him to do the 20+ surgeries and he hadn't gotten it right why would I even consider allowing him to do it again. He will be taking the muscles from my back as the doctor had talked about doing in Milwaukee...but he indicated this should have been done a long time ago...not waiting till you're in my position. I feel really blessed that I found this doctor and that he is still capable of performing his work (everyone that talked to us....his patients....raved about him). He was in a car accident at some point....the only difficulty we could notice was his speech. You have to be amazed that he is still able to perform such microsurgery.

He even mentioned adhesions.....this is not his specialty...nor would I recommend anyone going to the University of Chicago for adhesions...but if you are in a similar position I don't think I could offer a better facility. Everyone...and I mean everyone was so pleasant and friendly. So willing to help. After what I have been through I am just so will not sink in until I have an actual date written in stone. I needed to see the urologist and he did everything he could to get me in...but he was on Bev and I (I hope Bev!!) will be coming back down here next week. e

Helen...could you please email me asap with reich's and redan's email addresses?

Love to all!

Karla N.

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