masses of adhesions showing

From: toni welsh (
Mon Apr 3 10:53:07 2000

Before I go to th gyn Thurs, I was wondering if you have NO female organs left, isn't there still a chance if you have a mass of adhesions, that it MAY possibly show up. My gyn tells me he would do a scan and ultrasound, but he said it would't show nothing. I thought one of you said they did see a masss of adhesions, and you did not have any female organs. Was I wrong? Would you girls not begg the dr to do one? If it shows nothing they still know I have extensive intra abdominal adhesions, and adhesions were all over the small and large intestiness, also the bladder, he told me at last surgery, the ones around the sigmoid colon were the only filmy ones in there, even after 4 months. They were quite dense and very hard and thick everywhere else. I wish he would before surgery!


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