Good morning

From: toni welsh (
Sun Apr 2 11:47:11 2000

Just a quick hello to you all, hope you are all doing good. I am nervous today, my son is flying to New Mexico to bowl in some big tournaments, and I HATE planes. His girlfriend just got back from Spain last Monday, now I will be happy when he gets back.

I am back on Oxycontin, and as usaul bowels get stubborn, but I have to get the relief again. My old GI dr had me on Levbid too, years ago, and I need to ask him about it again. I see the gyn on Thursday of this week, and we are going to talk surgery. I have to keep my chin up. I know it gets hard.

Good luck to all going to surgery soon, I will be busy this week, my husband is on vacation, we are going to try to do some fishing, that is relaxing, but today it is raining. Hope it clears up later!


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