Karla N. is in need of your encouragement and prayers!!

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sat Apr 1 20:28:09 2000

Many of you know that Karla Nygren (ifirgit@up.net) has had 27 surgeries in the past; and has been desperately in need of surgical help!! She got some exciting news on March 21st!! She is scheduled for an appointment with a specialist in Chicago the early part of this week!! It is hopeful that she will be receiving the first of three surgical procedures, which she will need to restore her health.

Beverly Doucette (bnb@cybrzn.com) will be accompanying Karen to Chicago on Tuesday morning on an early flight. Bev will assist Karla as her *patient advocate* - in that she will actually accompany Karla to her appointment with the specialist at the University of Chicago Hospital.

Please do what you can to encourage Karla! She needs your emotional support and your prayers. I have included Karla's email address so that tomorrow (Monday) you will have the opportunity to personally offer her your good wishes either here at the forum or at her email address.

Let's do what we can to give her a cheerful heart filled with lots of hope - for this opportunity to restore her health!! Thanks!!

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