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Sat Apr 1 19:41:19 2000


I have to be different when I do things.....I have had a ct where my adhesions showed up. I had very very intense abdominal pain a few months after a surgery.....I was transferred by ambulance to Milwaukee, where they gave me massive doses of soon as they did a ct scan they found a mass of adhesions...roughly the size of a basketball around my incisional midline. They were all very inflamed. But of course as doctors go they stopped the morphine and gave me motrin!!!!! I want to see some of these male doctors suffer with adhesions once!


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> >Toni, I've never had any adhesions show up on ct scans or ultrasounds or
> >xrays of any kind. That has happened before & after my hyst. Good luck
to > >you. Karla B.
> I figured that Karla, but would any kind of mass show up in there even
> if your female organs are gone? That is what I meant the last one he did
> before the ovary was removed, he said it was an adrenal mass or
> something like that, and now really sure what it was, but was that
> because I still had that last ovary?
> I guess the gyn means since all the female organs are gone, it would not
> show any masses, but I thought maybe there would be different masses
> even if the ovaries are gone. This whole darn thing going on with me
> has got me so confused I told my husband today. Go off and go on the
> meds, try to figure if one is helping more than the other! Take
> care,Toni

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