From: toni welsh (
Sat Apr 1 19:28:59 2000

At Sat, 1 Apr 2000, wrote: >
>Toni, I've never had any adhesions show up on ct scans or ultrasounds or
>xrays of any kind. That has happened before & after my hyst. Good luck to
>you. Karla B.

I figured that Karla, but would any kind of mass show up in there even if your female organs are gone? That is what I meant the last one he did before the ovary was removed, he said it was an adrenal mass or something like that, and now really sure what it was, but was that because I still had that last ovary?

I guess the gyn means since all the female organs are gone, it would not show any masses, but I thought maybe there would be different masses even if the ovaries are gone. This whole darn thing going on with me has got me so confused I told my husband today. Go off and go on the meds, try to figure if one is helping more than the other! Take care,Toni

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