Just a hello

From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Sat Apr 1 18:55:28 2000

I was out most of the day with my husband, too pretty to be in, and we picked up our new windstar van, makes our flea markets easier on us. I have not been feeling good at all, I was off all meds except trazadone, the pain center told me to get off for a few days since it seems to be stopping to help the pai, and start it back up, the only good thing was the bowels were moving, but the stool has definitely gotten very thin, and my dr says he is concerned some about the thinness of the stool, I do not understand that. But the pain was harder just trying to walk and get in and out of the car this morning, and impossible to walk even a small hill. I could not take it any longer, and within an hour of taking it I felt ALOT better. The gyn knows I cannot live this quality of life, and knows I want to feel like me, and I do, I want so bad to go back to part time work, and right now I know I would not be able to be dependable, so I stay at home. I am home alone, my son is 23, and it gets so lonely. I look forward to being here and talking to the girls who understand, I feel like I have known Helen FOREVER! You are super Helen, I have always wondering, Helen, are you going to ever opt for the surgery, or exactly how you are feeling, you do so much for all of us. I have been extremely depressed, and I love to hear from you all, but it seems alittle quiet here, I guess we are all somewhat busy, at least we try to be. I am going to go for now and lay down for awhile, and am very tired, my energy levels are getting AWFULLY low. I am tired all the time. I hope you are all having a pretty evening like we had tonight, it is going to be raining here soon. We Cincinnati people are looking forward to Monday, opening day for the Reds, with the new addition of Ken Griffey Jr. Home with his dad.

good night, Toni

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