Saying hello again after 6 months

From: Marilyn (
Sat Apr 1 10:00:19 2000

I've kept up with reading this message board, but just havn't posted since October. The inspiring story from Helen, about Michael, prompted me to jump in and say hello once again. It helps me to read something like that---especially when I have had a very bad couple of days with adhesions and other problems.

The main thing is maintaining my sense of humor, and not letting myself get seriously depressed. I'm able to laugh this morning, when I realized how many health message boards I post in---no wonder I've neglected this one! I am a regular in the IBS Boards, the BMS, and Osteoarthritis! Wow---do I sound like a miserable hypochondriac or what? LOL!

When you get to be my age, you are always worried that your symptoms, are signaling something more serious than the above mentioned things. Last night was a rough one for me, with loud bowel sounds, discomfort and pain. I used every trick in the book for relief, but nothing helped. Finally got up at 5:30, with lots of pressure, and barely made it to the bathroom in time. I think I must have been in there for a hour straight! Now I'm feeling a bit better, but kinda shakey and weak. But today is a bright and beautiful sunny day, and I'm going to get out there and enjoy life!

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