Re: To: Susan - Re: Hernias

From: Kay Moran (
Sun Mar 26 12:25:49 2000

Dear Susan...

I was diagnosed @ a Pain Clinic by an anesthesiologist. I still have the pain. I'm on maintenance medication of 60 mg of MS Contin & up to 8 10/325mg Nocor (like Vicodin). I don't know how he made the diagnoses, but he confirmed it by touching trigger points. Nerve blocks he gave me completely eliminated the pain, but it returned. They also tried freezing the nerve. That also eliminated the pain, but it returned. I am sure abdominal adhesions under the rib cage are involved.

I meant to suggest it might have been damaged by something weird, like an assistant with an elbow in your ribs for the whole surgery.

I can also feel food moving thru, about 1 hour after I eat. It hurts.

It sounds to me like you have adhesions under your ribs, however they might have gotten there. Of course, I have adhesions on the brain!

I recommend going to a pain clinic to get help with the pain. But, the ones I have been to, don't try to find a cause & thence a cure, they just treat the pain. But at least they do that.

Good Luck Kay in Wisconsin.

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> At Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Kay Moran wrote:
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> >Dear Susan...
> >
> >My pain & adhesions are also under my right ribs. I have damage to
nerves > >that run under the ribs due to retractors used to keep the incision open
> >during abdominal surgery. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for your
> >pain was something like that.
> >
> >Of course, you should certainly be checked for other things like an
inflamed > >gall bladder etc...
> >
> >Kay in Wisconsin

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> >Subject: Hernias
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> >> I need some info on hernias from someone who has had surgery on one.Not
> >> hiatal but intestinal or diaphragm one.I have discomfort under right
rib > >> for a year.Since hyst,last May.A lot of bloating,feel food moving
> >> through.I have for a lot of years strained during bowel movements.It
> >> extends around to my side.I don't see how adhesions from a Hyst with a
> >> horizontal incision could cause adhesions this high up.Please
help.Susan > >>Kay,
> How did you find out about your injury from retractor and what was done
> about it?I had horizontal bikini incision,that is a long way up for a
> retractor to be.Did you have it repaired?And if not do you take
> something for the discomfort?Thanks.Susan

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