talk with GI dr

From: toni welsh (
Sat Mar 25 17:25:58 2000

The GI dr FINALLY took the time the last 3 weeks to listen to me, he said that I MAY have to go for the surgery, and he also said the seprafilm wrapped around the bowels MAY help. He said that if I am not careful and get the constipation controlled there would be nothing else to do but to remove the clon, and I did not ask him what he was talking about, and that is because I have a 34 year old sister with Crohns disease, and a son with it. He does fine on asacol, but my sister has a permanent colosotomy. I will ask questions if he ever says that again.

I am having a real bad day, but we sold at the flea market today, but that is my part time job, and it is work. But we usually do really well. Today we made right around 400.00! Not too bad for a four hour day, of course that dont count him loading it up on the truck.

Take care, going to rest now, Toni

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