question symptoms of adhesions

From: colleen (
Fri Mar 24 21:57:21 2000

I have had various surgeries for endo diagnosis, gall bladder by laproscopy and TAH/BSO which was March 2, 1999. I had my endometriosis mainly behind my uterus and cul-de-sac area and ligaments. About 4 months after my hyster I started having my pain back that was very similar to my endo pain. It is mainly on my right side in the back but can be all over in the mid section back and front when really bad. I have pain during the day but it is worse at night when laying down. Sneezing and coughing are painful. The other night before I fell asleep I jerked quick like you do sometimes right before you go to sleep and the pain was so bad I yelled out. I at first thought my endo was back but my estrogen level is very low that it is not likely. I saw a surgeon today who specializes in laproscopice surgery for removal of adhesions. I am scheduled to have it done on April 12 for diagnostic lap. and possible removal of adhesions. The doctor questioned that it was adhesions because most of my pain is in my back and doesn't originate in my stomach which he says is more common with adhesions. My gut feeling is that it is adhesions and after I told him that my pain is some much like my endo pain which layed behind my uterus and the ligaments in the back area he thought more that it could be adhesions. The thing is that I was pain free for 4 months after my hyter. and before my hyster laying down made my pain worse and after my surgery I layed around alot while recovering and had no pain for those months. If I just had a back problem there is know explanation why I would have been pain free those months other than either my endo returning or adhesions. I quess I'll find out in a couple weeks. I would appreciate any input. Colleen

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