talk with GI dr today

From: toni welsh (
Fri Mar 24 21:04:50 2000

I had to call my GI dr the one I thought did not care, and he talked for while. Trying to find out exactly how things are going with the milk of mag, and the new drug Cytotx, he is using to stimulate the bowels. I told him the PAINFUL episodes are stll happening, and he too, said I will get to the point I will have the surgery. He said that if they told down the adhesions and the general wrapped the entire bowel in Seprafilm, there is a chance they will not come back, he finally believes me, I told him about the nausea and everything. I am to ca heck with him in 2 more weeks, and he also said that the just sever constipation can even cause some people to lose their colon. I did not question him any further on that but will probaly make an appt to see him in 2 weeks instead of a phone call. He told me I should keep in touch with him and the gyn, and stop trying to treat myself. I am very tired tonight, I will let you know exactly what he said in more detail, I am too exhausted to think right now!

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