To: Susan - Re: Hernias

From: Kay Moran (
Fri Mar 24 11:03:19 2000

Dear Susan...

My pain & adhesions are also under my right ribs. I have damage to nerves that run under the ribs due to retractors used to keep the incision open during abdominal surgery. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for your pain was something like that.

Of course, you should certainly be checked for other things like an inflamed gall bladder etc...

Kay in Wisconsin

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From: "Susan" <> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> Sent: Friday, March 24, 2000 8:09 AM Subject: Hernias

> I need some info on hernias from someone who has had surgery on one.Not
> hiatal but intestinal or diaphragm one.I have discomfort under right rib
> for a year.Since hyst,last May.A lot of bloating,feel food moving
> through.I have for a lot of years strained during bowel movements.It
> extends around to my side.I don't see how adhesions from a Hyst with a
> horizontal incision could cause adhesions this high up.Please help.Susan

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