Re: Ginni

Fri Mar 24 08:05:56 2000

Toni, I am so sorry about your father-in-law. My prayers are with him and with you. I am going for my third laparoscopy. I am not sure that I will have to have a resection, although four doctors who have seen my last two videos agree I may. That is worst case scenario. A CT Scan I just had showed an area of bowel that is of concern. My GP said on the films it looks like someone poked a hole in my belly button and poured in a bucket of cement. Nice analogy, huh? I said that is what it feels like too! I have a wonderful laparascopic surgeon and a general surgeon who specializes in laparoscopy. I have total trust in them and that makes all the difference. I am scared as we all are before surgery, but at the same time looking forward to feeling better and definitely to eating again! Bev and Helen have been such a wonderful inspiration to me and taught me much. And all of you sharing your stories and making me feel not so alone have been a blessing. I am going to California for my surgery and am actually going to meet two fellow adhesion sufferers who I met through the forum! Thanks for caring, Toni and stay strong. Ginni

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