Re: Adhesions following bowel surgeries

From: Kay in Wisconsin (
Thu Mar 23 20:40:47 2000

Dear Patient Pam...

I had a similar experience.

Starting in 1984, during a 22 month period, I had 9 major abdominal procedures, including 6 laparoscopies. I got to keep 2/3 of my colon. I am running empty on trust.

I pray there was more reason than endometriosis, chronic constipation & colonic inertia for all that surgery.


I know that you don't know any other doctors & you don't know where to find one & you don't feel well enough to look for one & you wonder how you can tell if another doctor would be any better that the one you have. If you have a parent or sibling or spouse or god-parent or good friend ask them, beg them, for help. You can't do this alone.

I just checked the IAS Doctor Database. It's still empty. I have been looking for help with my adhesions.

If you can, spend some time reading the IAS Message Board postings from Helen Dynda & Beverly Doucette. I know they contain good information. I would consider going out of state for a recommended doctor.

Please e-mail me personally if I can help you, I would give you my phone number, if you needed to talk.

Kay in Wisconsin

At Sun, 19 Mar 2000, wrote: > >I am a 46 year old woman who has had 3 bowel surgeries with a prominent >surgeon at a prestigious Chicago hospital. These surgeries followed a >laproscopic surgery for endometriosis at which time,a total hyterectomy and >ovaries were removed. The first bowel surgery was a total colectomy, with >rectum reconstruction. The second followed the develpment of peritonitis and >an abscess, at which time a temporary ileostomy was put into place; and the >third and last, was an ileostomy take down. Currently I have pain in my left >side, which the surgeon identified as adhesions and a protrusion, which he >labelled a loop in the bowel caused by adhesions. Since then a local surgeon >and a GI doctor at the same prominent Chicago hospital have labelled this >lump, a hernia. I had these surgeries for chronic constipatin and colonic >inertia. The colon was found to be longer than usual, but other than that >only endometriosis was found on it at the time of biopsy. I continue to have >bowel difficulities, pain and am running low on trust after what I have been >through these last 13 months. Has anyone had similar experience or would a >doctor have an idea on what my next step should be. I am told that the >hernia is not currently life threatening, and that it will take quite some >time to regulate my bowels without a colon....I am using Miralax and going >easy on the fiber, which doesn't serve a purpose without a colon....and >trying to get some exercise when I can. I do some mild stretching exercises >while lying on the floor, ride a stationary bike and walk or shop when I am >not in the bathroom or in the doctor's office. Any support/suggestions would >be appreciated. >Patient Pam

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