staying busy

From: toni welsh (
Mon Mar 20 05:57:59 2000

I have been busy with trying to help with my father in law, my brohter in law came in from washington DC on Saturday, and the family got together and grilled for his dad. He is still eating extremely well, but he has now had 3 radiation treatments, and it seems they are really running his body down, or the cancer. His MRI was nothing but bad news, and now things are getting worse. I cannot believe how he has gone down in 2 months. The family knows the outcome, it is getting very hard to see him like this.

We all cry everyday, and as far as I am doing I am getting extremely tired everyday, I am falling asleep very early. I lay down to try to watch television and that is it. My husband is working 12 hour days lately, and I worry about him. I try to get through each day, and there are days when I still think about the surgery, but my fears are too great! I hope you are all doing okay, I will talk to you all later, Take care.


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