Adhesions following bowel surgeries

Sun Mar 19 19:37:10 2000

I am a 46 year old woman who has had 3 bowel surgeries with a prominent surgeon at a prestigious Chicago hospital. These surgeries followed a laproscopic surgery for endometriosis at which time,a total hyterectomy and ovaries were removed. The first bowel surgery was a total colectomy, with rectum reconstruction. The second followed the develpment of peritonitis and an abscess, at which time a temporary ileostomy was put into place; and the third and last, was an ileostomy take down. Currently I have pain in my left side, which the surgeon identified as adhesions and a protrusion, which he labelled a loop in the bowel caused by adhesions. Since then a local surgeon and a GI doctor at the same prominent Chicago hospital have labelled this lump, a hernia. I had these surgeries for chronic constipatin and colonic inertia. The colon was found to be longer than usual, but other than that only endometriosis was found on it at the time of biopsy. I continue to have bowel difficulities, pain and am running low on trust after what I have been through these last 13 months. Has anyone had similar experience or would a doctor have an idea on what my next step should be. I am told that the hernia is not currently life threatening, and that it will take quite some time to regulate my bowels without a colon....I am using Miralax and going easy on the fiber, which doesn't serve a purpose without a colon....and trying to get some exercise when I can. I do some mild stretching exercises while lying on the floor, ride a stationary bike and walk or shop when I am not in the bathroom or in the doctor's office. Any support/suggestions would be appreciated. Patient Pam

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