Re: Chinese Medicine

From: Robin (
Sat Mar 18 08:16:21 2000

Yes, I tried it, the dr gave me some herbs & stuff to take & did accuputer also. I dont think the accupunture did anything, and the herbs interfered with my depression meds. He did put some little ball things on my ears that I rubbed to relieve my abdominal pain. That did give me very short periods of no pain, but they were temperary & I ended up rubbing blisters on my ears. But, I would be willing to do it again. Robin

At Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Mark wrote: >
>Curious to know if anyone here has given Chinese Medicine a try to help
>w/ adhesions and the pain they cause? Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, etc.
>We all know that more surgery begets more have
>any info?


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