From: toni welsh (
Wed Mar 15 06:51:47 2000

Susan, First good luck with your surgery, I hope this is the one that will end your suggering, as far as the drs, I do have a very highly known gyn in my city, everyone of my second opinions over the past couple of years has all told me he did a very difficult surgery in 98, and that I have the best gyn in the city of Cinti. I too think a lot of him, and as I have said he is the only dr I have that will listen and understands what I have been through, after having a tubal ligation at a VERY young age, and then the trouble started after I had then reversed, and got pregnant but NEVER carried them to term.

Yes it depends on the skill of your surgeon, but I have also been told as far as I am concerned. I develop dense and extensive adhesions at a very rapid rate, so I still say it also depends on the person, too.

I hope things go well for you!


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