The latest news-Karla N.

From: Karla Nygren (
Tue Mar 14 16:29:02 2000

Today I received my letter from the University of Wisconsin. They will NOT perform my surgery, in fact, they recommended that I go back to my surgeons in Milwaukee....the ones that performed my previous 26 surgeries and who have gotten me into the boat I am in now.

Bev has been wonderful in trying to keep me hopeful, but I know that she struggles to do it. It is hard to be positive when there is so little to be positive about. At this point all I want is to be able to make it to my daughter's wedding so I can know that she and my granddaughters will be taken care of. Then I pray that the good Lord takes control of the situation and either finds a solution or ends my suffering.

I am going to stay at my daughter's for awhile....that can be trying at times....but it keeps me distracted and allows me to spend time with those beautiful little babies.

I thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given. I pray that you receive the help that you all need and that the Lord puts you in the safe hands of a good doctor to end your suffering.

Love to everyone,

Karla N.

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